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ICleviathan is an Israeli IC supply chain company. Established in 2005.  

Our company is agile and professional. We deliver products that are customer-oriented and superiorly managed in a timely fashion. This ensures that our customers receive the best possible advice on optimal courses of action to take, throughout the course of any project’s development, so that our products ultimately help them achieve operational success.

At ICleviathan, we are proud of our business model and are extremely passionate about the role we play in our customers’ success. We persistently work to secure the best solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs. We strive to keep channels of communication open between customers, vendors and our experts, believing that doing so give projects the best chance at success. We sit down with each customer to determine which vendors will provide them with the best services that meet their needs, ultimately saving our customers valuable resources – time and money.


Our Vision

To provides each customer the best IC solution and become for the customer a professional global knowledge organization that supports their needs. To support the customer unconditionally and harness all the necessary resources for the customer's success.

Our Promise

We are happy to help your company achieve success. Feel free to contact us for more information on our services and solutions.


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Iris Segev

With over 25 years of hands-on experience working as a senior manager for large organizations, Iris specializes in project management and the overseeing of organization-wide processes. Iris made her managerial debut at NA’AN, an Israeli irrigation company. Heading the company’s Import Department, Iris oversaw the importation of all raw materials into Israel from around the world, as well as the management of large inventory clusters. Using her superior communication skills, Iris successfully redefined the global supplier network to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of her departments’ products. Her ability to pay attention to details has enabled her to skillfully manage employees and large budgets. Harel Insurance Company Ltd. Identified this strength and took Iris on as their senior manager, responsible for their significant organizational processes. After 14 years of overseeing Harel’s large-scale integration processes and complex operations with organization-wide collaborative teams, Iris took a brave step into the field of independent venturing and consulting. Following several years of active involvement in ICleviathan’s activities, Iris took over the management of the company. Thanks to Iris and her talented team, ICleviathan is able to offer its customers a wide array of professional services, support and consultation on various areas of production and development. Iris views herself as a partner in customer’s journey towards success, providing professional and calculated steps that help their visions take shape. According to Iris, “ICleviathan’s main goal is to understand customers’ needs, so that we can support the customer and realize his vision – learn and implement what is required from us for the customer to succeed”.


We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Boaz Ben Nun

I will definitely work again with ICleviathan and iST, due to the responsiveness, professionalism, good pricing and accurate schedules.I had a very good experience working with ICleviathan and iST. We used IST services for performing Qual on a consumer electronics chip.

Ilan Shetrit

Qualcomm Israel is working with iST and ICleviathan very closely for over 4 years. iST is used as out reliability house for NPI and for FA and PFA when needed. IST personnel and labs are very experienced and support our requirements in efficient and attentive manner. The nature of our work requires rapid response and pull-ins. We are getting IST up to speed support and commitment which helps us to achieve our goals.

Our Partners

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